Time to revive real shaving culture.

VIVO is not about more products and their technological advancement. It is about reduction to the true essence. This is the philosophy for VIVO Shaving Cream. You will find that this cream makes shaving a lot easier and, at the same time, it will nurture and disinfect your skin.

No need for those skin-irritating after-shave lotions, or soaps, brushes and pots. The composition of VIVO, based on Shea butter, Cocoa butter, linseed & castor oil and beeswax, provides perfect skin care and softens your facial hair for an outstanding shave. After shaving, your skin will feel fresh and smooth.

VIVO is a natural product, developed without using animal experiments, and is produced and packaged in Switzerland. It has been tested thoroughly for the last 80 years by its inventor, Otto Louis Graf, and his family, and is now made market-ready by his grandson.

Back to the good old craftsmanship of Otto Louis Graf!

VIVO – Shaving cream since 1935.